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Pfaff Accessories

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Dynamic Spring Foot


Dynamic Spring Foot - L series


Extension Table creative 1.5


Foot Pfaff 7500 Non Stick 8mm


FOOT Pfaff 7500 Series Narrow Edge with IDT


Foot Pfaff Candlewicking Most Models


Foot Pfaff Clear 1/4in Quilting


Manual Buttonhole Foot


Open Toe Free-Motion Foot


Open Toe Free-Motion Foot


Open Toe Free-Motion Foot - J & L series


Pfaff Ambition extension table


Pfaff Ambition Spool Cap


Pfaff Blind Hem Foot


Pfaff Bobbins Blue 10 pack


Pfaff Clear 1/4 in right Guide Foot w/ IDT


Pfaff Clear Open Toe Foot w/ IDT


Pfaff Creative Spool Stand


Pfaff Free Motion Ruler Foot


Pfaff J Bobbins Grey 10 pack


Pfaff K Bobbins 10-pack


Pfaff L Bobbins - 10 pack


Pfaff Monet Bobbins Version 2 20 pack


Pfaff Multi-function foot control


Pfaff Perfect 1/4in ft w/guide for IDT


Pfaff Prewound Bobbin for Icon - L


Pfaff Quilt Binder Foot






Pfaff Spool Cap Small


Pfaff Spool Holder


Sew-On Button Foot


Zig Zag plate for Pfaff J machines - no holes


Zig Zag Stitch Plate for Pfaff J machines - has 2 holes for Quilt Binding foot